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Pilotenhemden in verschiedenen Farben

Pilot shirts for men - High quality variety at low prices

KClassic in white, blue or light blue and a little more daring and modern in light grey or black - the colors alone offer a wide variety. Additionally the pilot shirts for men are available with short sleeves and long sleeves as well as with fixed or removable epaulettes.
Despite all the differences and variety, some characteristics are shared by all of our pilot shirts: High quality, wearing comfort and thought-out design.
The shirts are manufactured from high quality materials which are easy to clean and crease-resistant. And which - even after a long shift - allow a well-groomed appearance. The chosen fabrics distribute body heat and moisture optimally and therefore allow a comfortable climate. Attached pockets offer space for everything necessary without straining the appearance. The extensive assortment of sizes completes your advantages here.


Pilot shirts for women - Quality for the women above the clouds

The pilot shirts for the women above the clouds in our product range are in no way inferior to the pilot shirt for men. Available are the colors white and blue which are as well offered with short and long sleeves. High quality fabrics and elegant patterns offer comfort and a professional appearance while the materials are especially easy to clean and crease-resistant.

Pilotenhemden für Kinder in weiß


Pilot shirts for kids

Although kids are rarely in the cockpit we still offer fitting and high quality pilot shirts for children. Alienated as costume or as club attire the pilot shirt for the little ones are kept in white and off the same wearing comfort as the larger models.


Practical accessories

Matching to the pilot shirts for men and women the range of products offers carefree and adequate accessories. Convenient ties with elastic bands or classic variations, scarfs and shoulder straps complete the uniform and the assortment.

By request and for every purpose

PAlthough pilot shirts carry their main purpose within their name they can be used in a variety of fields. As club attire, for security, in the fire department, doctor's office or on ships - the decision is yours.

Additionally, we offer the possibility to produce by request. Just contact us.


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